• Introducing Computer Networks

    The use of # computer_services has grown enormously in recent years and organizations and organizations have begun to set up networks. Every computer network should be # designed and # implemented according to the conditions and policies of each organization . In fact, computer networks provide the infrastructure needed to share resources within the organization; if these infrastructures are not properly designed, different problems can arise when using the network, and there will be a large cost to maintain and adapt the network. Spend it with the desires desired.

    There are several questions when designing a network:

    - Where to start designing a network?

    -What parameters should be considered?

    What is the purpose of setting up the network?

    - Expect # users of# What is Network ?

    - Should the existing network be upgraded or a network designed from scratch?

    - What services and services will be offered over the network?

    In general, before the physical design of a computer network, the requirements must first be identified and analyzed, for example, in a library, why we intend to create a network, and what services and services does it need to provide; For the majority of users, what should be done, such as protocols for network usage, network speed, and most importantly network security issues, each of which should be carefully considered.

    More information read source page: Workstation PC

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