• Artificial Intelligence Trends To Watch Out For

    Trends and predictions in Artificial Intelligence can be difficult to predict, but one thing is certain - AI will make significant strides in the healthcare sector more so now given that we are battling a once in a lifetime pandemic. Although many businesses today throw the term “AI” around casually in their grey literature, it perfectly encapsulates today's technological zeitgeist, and it shows no signs of an exit. That's one prediction no one would hesitate to put their money on.

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    But before we clear the fog for you and present my hot takes for AI in 2020, it'll be worth doing a run-down on its highlights over the past few years. We've seen AI breakthroughs in a wide variety of fields from healthcare to transportation. Machine Learning is helping financial services firms with advanced fraud detection, and computer vision is optimizing offline retail. With the applications proving to be limitless, businesses across industries view AI as the catalyst for their growth.

    According to my understanding, here's what will trend in AI in 2020:

    As Sequoia Capital fittingly put it, coronavirus is the black swan of 2020. With 98,000 confirmed cases globally, researchers are exploring ways to fight the coronavirus's spread. AI will prove to be the much-needed tool enabling medical researchers to develop vaccines, cures, and mitigation strategies.


    China has displayed this effort to tackle the coronavirus outbreak. Using facial recognition, China can identify infected individuals and monitor their activities to determine the virus's possible spread. AI-inspired infrared cameras can capture body temperatures and use that data to contain the coronavirus's impact.

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